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  • "AVASUN stands for integrity, sustainability and reliability. We have cooperative relationships with our customers and know about our responsibility. Therefore an honest and open communication is exxential."

    René Steinkellner

    CEO AVASUN perimeter protact

  • "As I grow older and wiser my view focusses more and more on our following generations. It is my special concern to sustain the world for them. Therefore not only our contribution of service to go along with the change to clean energy is very important but also to be able to contribute directly to the children in this world, so they get a chance in our world that they deserve."

    Roland Popp

    Sales Director AVASUN perimeter protact


You can rely on an extensive documentation which we supply and maintain regularly.

Service and maintenance

Our team takes care of your security systems if you wish during the complete lifetime and via remote control

Optic fibre cable splicing

Special welding of optic fibres. For our customers as a service on their site.

  fix and pan /
tilt cameras
metres of fence
countries in which
we are active

Our services

We as specialists of the solar industry have a very good knowledge about the rules, demands and challenges at a solar power plant. We develop our security systems for perimeter protection with vision according to our customers preferences based on our experience.

Fence sensor technology

An all-digital fence detection system with exact identification of cut throughs, climbings or other attempts of conquer. It detects attacks in several places at the same time.

Fence sensor technology >>>
Video analysis

Complex detection system connected with thermal cameras which identify movements day and night reliably, trace and register them.

Video analysis >>>
Teared wire

Cost-efficient standby current system which can be used in different fence types. It reacts only on mechanical damages and is therefore almost free from false alarms.

Teared wire >>>
Camera systems

Pan-tilt-zoom cameras with infrared laser for pin sharp images and proper identification as far as 250 metres day and night.

Camera systems >>>

Perimeter protection behind the fence via transmitter and receiver. The electromagnetic field goes as far as 200 metres.

Microwave >>>
Electric fence

A particular fence that is fitted on the inner side of the customers´ fence. In case of contacts it spreads energy impulses and triggers the alarm at once. 

Electric fence >>>

Optical fibre splicing

Special welding of optical fibres. For our customers also as a service on their site.

LWL-Splicing >>>


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Wir sichern größte PV-Anlage in Rumänien

Wir sind von unserem Kunden beauftragt worden, eine 55MW große Solar-Freiflächenanlage in Rumänien umfangreich zu sichern. 

Wir gehen auf die Insel Mauritius

Mit rund 15 MegaWatt (MW) ist dies einer der ersten und größten Solarparks in Mauritius. Wir bedanken uns bei unserem Kunden für das Vertrauen! 

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